Pensions dispute resources for branch meetings

UCU Left has put together briefing papers for all the relevant pension scheme disputes – these are available here as downloads so you can use them in branch meetings and discussions with members in your branch.

UPDATED 30th Jan 2012:

There is a TPS dispute FAQ online here.

This is the most recent model motion for branches and regions to use in support of the NEC’s decision of 20th January.

This is a flyer to use in support of the model motions and the NEC.


Detailed Statement on what the changes in the ‘Heads of Agreement’ document (which most of the teaching unions have NOT signed) would mean for UCU members in the TPS (Teachers Pension Scheme).

Response from NEC members to the General Secretary’s report of January 10th on TPS

Model Motions for branches to use in the week before the NEC on January 20th

USS document on the shift to CARE can be found here.


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