UCU Left eve of Congress Rally

 Cost of living crisis: We won’t pay for their wars, their austerity or their climate catastrophe

6.30pm Tuesday 31 May
Register: bit.ly/CongressEve2022

Confirmed speakers 

  • Professor Gus John on Justice for Child Q 
  • Asad Rehman, War on Want, on the climate

Now not Never! HEC report (12/5/22)

HEC met at a crucial time in the HE disputes with a marking and assessment boycott due to start in just over a week. To avoid undermining the dispute by revealing sensitive information to the employers, we cannot divulge details …

Our disputes are in danger

This is a hazardous moment in the Four Fights and USS disputes. There is a danger of our planned action for this term unravelling, leaving us with no plan for defending members from our employers’ attacks.

Very late on Friday …

UCU Left recommendations on USS SHESC voting

Motion Recommendation
1 SWG report and recommendations HEC Remit, because the last bullet point is potentially unconstitutional and could be used to silence negotiators
Oppose if not remitted*
2 Call for indefinite strike action Sheffield Against, in favour of later