After N30, where next?

Public Sector Pensions – Decision of UCU National Executive

On Friday 2nd December 2012, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the UCU decided unanimously in favour of a relaunch of the campaign in defence of public sector pensions as early …

N30 – Fantastic Day

Highlights of the SERTUC rally in london.
Just a quick note to say congratulations to all on a fantastic and historic day yesterday. Reports show very strong support for the strike in colleges and universities, and big turnouts for the

Another Education is Possible

“The challenges that we face in our colleges and universities are immense. These are likely to intensify as the recovery of the global economy falters and a plunge into a second recession is highly likely.

The attacks that we face …

Mark Campbell for UCU General Secretary

Mark Campbell to challenge Sally Hunt for General Secretary of the UCU

At the recent UCU Left conference, “Defending Education: building an autumn of resistance”, I was adopted as candidate for General Secretary of the University and Colleges Union (UCU).…

Website Archive

Welcome to our new website, you may have been used to using the old website, and there may well be information which you want to access on that site, the site is still there and the information has not been …