Pre-Congress UCU Left Meeting

Collectivise the resistance
For a fighting democratic union

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7.00pm Thursday 11 February

Chair: Bee Hughes UCU LJMU


  • Daniele Kebede NEU Senior Vice President
  • Didem Derya Ozedimir Kaya, Solidarity with Bogazici University staff and students
  • Dharminder Chuhan UCU Sandwell College
  • Mark Abel UCU Brighton on their dispute
  • UVW Care Home Striker

All branches in dispute will be prioritised to speak and raise solidarity for their dispute.

 Themes for the meeting:

We will discuss some of the key debates at this years Congress. 

  • Hear how NEU developed their mass participatory model of organising
  • Fight for a return to work when it is safe, defend jobs, pay and home working conditions
  • Build solidarity between branches, with BLM and LGBTQ+
  • Campaign for an alternative post-16 education.

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