Redundancy Threat at Dundee

Dundee University has set out on a plan to make redundant between 80 and 120 academic staff. It has established a redundancy committee and is now issuing letters to the first group of staff informing them they have been identified for inclusion in a pool at risk of redundancy. Teaching staff in the Medicine and Life Sciences are to be slashed from 27 to 14 yet the management believe the quality of students’ education will not suffer.

The senior management’s justification is that it has not created a large enough surplus. The University is not in deficit but management believe a surplus of 6% per year needs to be generated at the expense of the staff and the students.

DUCU has voted to ballot for industrial action. That ballot will take place soon. The anger is palpable among staff. Just to give one example. At the latest Academic Council the Principal was asked by one staff member when their salary is 7 times that of an academic the senior managers are not losing their jobs? DUCU is committed to defending members, stopping redundancy and will strike to stop these cuts. We already have over 1300 signatures to our petition. We ask for your support.

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