Register online for the UCU Left 2014 Conference

Education, the Market and Resistance

Saturday 25th October, Birkbeck, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HX.

£10/£5, plus pooled fare.

Speakers include Andrew McGettigan, author of The Great University Gamble, and John McDonnell MP.

Workshops will include casualisation, defending jobs and conditions, the marketisation of education.

Please use the paypal link below to pay for your conference attendance, the registration form will come up once the payment has been taken.

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  1. As to the themes of the meeting, I like to say that they are boiled down to the stark reality of structural crisis of Capitalism, which demands a dual approach, campaigning for betterment of immediate conditions of work and living and formulating a clear programme aiming a post-capitalism society: from each according to her/his ability and for each according to her/his needs. For our part you can see our manifesto at our above website. With greeting A Raasek

  2. what time is this conference? I have just paid and have not been told what time it starts. This needs to be better organised :-(

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