Report from the UCU Women’s Standing Committee – 22 September 2017

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The UCU Women’s standing committee met on Friday 22 September. Sue Abbott from Newcastle University was re elected as Chair.

Gender Pay gap.

The committee had strong concerns about the slow progress of tackling gender pay gaps. It was agreed that this be a focus for International women’s day in March 2018 for branches and regions. The national Equality conference on 23 November in Birmingham would have member workshops to plan for this. The committee were also told that UCU HQ was looking to increase resources to tackle the gender pay gap. This was welcomed as very few women reps had facility time to undertake the large amount of work involved.

Sexual Harassment

Emma Chapman from the 1752 group addressed the committee. Many of us still did not feel that enough was being done to address this matter particularly following the UCU survey some years ago. It was felt that this needed to be tackled urgently and working with 1752 might well assist with this matter.

Casual workers

Many women casual staff were still on poor contracts and working conditions. We were told that the UCU anti casualisation group would be keen to visit regions to help take forward a stronger strategy to address this.

Women as the Resistance

This would be the theme for the Birmingham conference in November.
It was hoped to have McDonalds workers, women who have stools up to the EDL and other inspirational women speaking.


by Sue Abbott – Chair WMSC

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