Retrospective democracy?

UCU members in Higher Education are now being asked what they think of the General Secretary’s unilateral decision to call off strike action late on Friday, breaking union policy on the conduct of disputes.

A more cynical ploy is difficult to imagine. With the decision already taken and with the anti-union laws prohibiting its reversal, the GS hopes to get some retrospective justification for her trashing of democracy to derail our action.

If only she put as much effort into outmanoeuvring the employers. 

Despite the meaninglessness of the exercise, members should not allow her the satisfaction. Vote No in the survey.

But please also do some more important things:

1. Raise the model motion (text here) in your branch condemning the GS’s action and supporting the addition of more strike days in March.

2. Come to the UCU Solidarity Meeting 6pm Tuesday 21 February

3. Join the lobby of HEC on Friday 24 February at 10am if you can.

4. Remind your colleagues to post their vote in the NEC elections and argue they vote for UCU Left candidates.

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  1. Strike until an offer above or at least the level of inflation, otherwise, it is a PAY CUT

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