Round 2 of Strikes at Lambeth

Today was the 2nd strike day in round 2 of our campaign against the new contracts. And yet again the support has been tremendous.
Around forty students joined the picket lines at Brixton as part of today’s student strike against ESOL learning conditions. We also had an early morning visit by the President of the TUC and local resident, Leslie Manasseh.
The strikes were fantastically solid across the college with more staff beginning to join the strike.
A delegation from the Clapham picket line went over to show support for the firefighters’ at the local fire station‎ before they headed down to join the thousands on the Ricky Matthews demonstration in Aylesbury.
Staff have been brought in to cover classes, but 1 of the temporary staff walked out yesterday when they realised they were being asked to break the strike. They refused to cross our picket line, contacted the TUC and got a message to the branch informing us of the situation.
Links to press articles and photos‎ from the last 2 days can all be found at our website
Tomorrow we will have picket lines as usual at all 3 centres, followed by a short‎ rally outside the Clapham Centre at 11.30am. Please join us.
Thank you for the messages of support, which are being posted on our website daily. We have £12000 already in our strike fund, the branch would like to thank everyone for their continued generous donations and solidarity.
Best wishes
Lambeth College UCU


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