Saturday 25th April: National Demonstration: march on Parliament to save Lifelong Learning

ESOL Students at City and Islington College on LoveFE Day
ESOL Students at City and Islington College on LoveFE Day

The campaign to defend Adult Education is gathering momentum. Nearly 30,000 have signed the petition. 66 MPs have signed an early day motion calling on the government to reverse the cuts. 500 students and staff lobbied Parliament and and over 400 people marched on Downing St to hand in a letter to David Cameron. 1,000s participated in the #LoveFE day of action. This campaigning has ensured that the 24% cut in Adult Education has finally become news. All the major newspapers have now had articles about the cuts. We now need to step up the campaign to the next level.

UCU London Region has called a national demonstration on Saturday 25th April. We want to turn this day into to a celebration of Lifelong learning; a festival of learning. We are calling upon all those who are taught and work in the sector to join us on that day to make your voice heard. Bring your family, friends and anyone you know who cares about adult education to the demonstration. Be a part of the 1,000s that will be descending on Parliament on the day.

What you can do:

* Download the NEW flyer with revised route here : April 25 UCU Demo revised

* Organise a rota to leaflet your college every day to build the demo.

* Approach your principal to support the demo.

* Invite your MP to join the demo and send a letter asking them to sign the Early Day Motion

* Sign the petition and send it to your work colleagues and friends.

* Join the Facebook event and invite your friends

* If your College has not yet set up a campaign to save Adult Education and you want to start one, but are not sure how, contact us.

* Organise a coach from your region

“In the West Midlands region we have set up a meeting Save Adult Education/ Fight the cuts. Sally Hunt, local MPs, AOC rep and other speakers will be on the platform.
The venue is Bournville college and the principal is suporting the meeting on April 15.

We are about to book a coach for the London demo.”

Brian O’Sullivan, West Midlands FE CommitteeLove FE day - one world one people-1040151

Every region should be doing the same and signing people up for 25th.

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