SIGN THE PETITION: Demand #NoChange to USS Pension: Fight for the ‘status quo’

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On Tuesday 13 March, UCU members in their thousands voted, emailed, tweeted, lobbied and protested against the outcome of the UCU and UUK negotiation. Members argued that to accept this offer would be ‘#Capitulation’.

There were many reasons why members were opposed. But the central reason was the massive 19% cut in the value of the Defined Benefit pension and the risk that CPI would cut it more. It expanded Defined Contribution down to £42K, drawing in members on Grade 8/Senior Lecturer grades. It was a three-year deal which was bound to unravel.

Members were incensed at the scale of the cut and the thought we would have to fight to protect our pensions in three years’ time all over again.

This ‘deal’ came out of a negotiation conducted within the terms of the ‘November Technical Provisions’, i.e. within a massive deficit cost envelope. This is fundamentally why the offer was unacceptable.

We have to argue that the deficit is not real. It is a projected deficit based on assuming the scheme was wound up.

We should argue that USS should instead be valued on an ongoing basis, i.e. as a going concern. If the USS Board need the Government to guarantee the future of the scheme, then USS and UUK should join UCU in calling for a government guarantee.

We demand the status quo, i.e. #NoChange to our USS Pension.

And we’ll take whatever strike action is needed to win it.

(initial signatories)
Lesley McGorrigan, University of Leeds, NEC member
Sean Wallis, University College London, NEC member
Joseph Choonara , King’s College London , Teaching Fellow
Prof Malcolm Povey, University of Leeds, Professor of Food Physics, UCU Committee Member
Nigel Bubb, University of Leeds, Lecturer
Laura Miles, UCU retired member
Christina Paine , London Metroplitan University , NEC HE casualised rep
Nita Sanghera, SCCB/Bournville College , NEC Black Members Representative
John Croft, Brunel University London, Reader in Music
Jo McNeill, University of Liverpool, President, University of Liverpool UCU
Liam Wrigley, University of Liverpool, Graduate Teaching Assistant



– this petition is initiated by UCU Left,

10 Replies to “SIGN THE PETITION: Demand #NoChange to USS Pension: Fight for the ‘status quo’”

  1. The proposals for change are based on specious assumptions. Academia has had enough!

  2. Massive respect to UCU members for rejecting the totally inadequate deal they were offered. ALL public sector unions, including my own (NEU) should take confidence from this and fight the cuts imposed on our pensions.

  3. Academic institutions’ role in the society is constantly under threat and through this even more talent will be discouraged to join academia. People have the right to work hard and retire with dignity. We will keep at it.

  4. Solidarity from a retired member of the UCU. Will join you in support today. You can win this. Keep up the struggle and strike action

  5. Stick to your guns and don’t be conned by any rotten sell-out ‘compromise’ deals. You can definitely win this. Most public-sector workers understand that you aren’t just fighting for your own narrow financial interests but for the rights and dignity of us all.

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