Solidarity with FE strikes

Rally at Lambeth College


Dear Colleagues

We are asking all members to show solidarity with all branches that are taking strike action on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of March over pay and conditions (see table below).

We are now in our second academic year of our campaign for decent pay and conditions and we are wining. After the 5% pay deal at CCCG Bootle College have settled for a 4-6% deal over three years. Most colleges who have taken action have managed to win significant gains for their members. Those who have not yet succeeded to extract something from their employer’s management have been forced to negotiate.

At a national level our campaign continues to put pressure on the AoC and the government. The recent debate in parliament over funding for FE saw MPs form all sides of the house extol the virtues of FE. Our aim is to pressurise the government to give more funding to FE in the up-coming spending review.

The coverage we have received from the days of action we have taken so far has put the case for more FE funding firmly at the forefront of ministers’ minds.

We call on your branch to send messages of solidarity, to organise collections and visit picket lines. Every act of solidarity makes a huge difference to those who are taking action.

In solidarity

Nita Sanghera, FEC Chair




Abingdon and Witney College


20, 21 & 22 March

Bath College


20, 21 & 22 March

Bradford College


20, 21 & 22 March

Bridgewater and Taunton College


20, 21 & 22 March

City of Wolverhampton College


20, 21 & 22 March

Coventry College

MD066, MD029

(suspended), 20, 21 & 22 March

Croydon College


20, 21 & 22 March

East Sussex College

SO120, SO209

20, 21 & 22 March

Harlow College


20, 21 & 22 March

South Bank College


20,21 & 22 March

New College Swindon


(suspended) 20, 21 & 22 March

West Thames College


18,19,20 March (note change from 20, 21 & 22)



20,21 & 22 March

NCCG (Tower Hamlets College)

Ballot 11 Feb – 1 March likely dates 20,21 & 22 March

Oaklands College

Ballot closes 11 March

Tower Hamlets

20, 21 & 22 March

Warwickshire College Group

Ballot open

York College

Considering balloting

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