Solidarity with Manchester Met UCU

Manchester Met UCU branch has decided to escalate and take a full day’s strike action on 10th February after our employer decided to take the harshest possible approach to the 2-hour strikes. We are being docked 100% for each day – amounting to a loss of 4 days’ pay in the 4-week period. We have been told, unequivocally, that if we return to work after a 2-hour strike our work will not be paid and will be considered voluntary.  

We have been left with no option but to take the full day’s action – members are not going to work for nothing and were frankly shocked by Sally Hunt’s email telling us to return to work anyway. It is a real disappointment that all branches were not given the option of escalating action on 10th February.

This is our opportunity to exploit the cracks in the employers and strengthen our side in the dispute. In order to succeed, it is essential that we stand together. Those who are taking a full day’s action especially need to feel the support of all UCU branches. Members at Manchester Met are looking forward to UCU’s promised campaign of naming and shaming our institution, especially since this is a management which for 4 years has been refusing to meet with its trade unions, in breach of our recognition agreement.

In the meantime, you can write to our VC here:

and to the UCU branch here:

We are now working flat out to build for 6th February. Members will welcome the opportunity to strike with UNISON colleagues and we will use this to build our confidence for 10th.

We need your solidarity and support. Raise this on your picket lines and at your rallies. We have a strike hardship fund and will welcome donations. Members are suffering real hardship. Yesterday I had a member in tears of rage and frustration, contemplating having to cross a picket line for the first time ever. No trade unionist should be put in this position. This is the time to bring our collective support and strength to all UCU members.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

Pura Ariza

UCU MMU Branch Secretary

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