Statement by UCU Left on the War in Ukraine

No to war in Ukraine, no to escalation of the war

UCU Left sends its sympathies to all UCU members and to our students affected by the war in Ukraine.  We recognised that our members and students will have relatives and friends in both Russia and Ukraine who are affected by this conflict.  We call on universities and colleges to provide support to all staff and students affected by this crisis.

We call on the UK Government to waive visa requirements and admit refugees from Ukraine.  We call on universities and colleges to support refugees from Ukraine with opportunities for studying and employment.

We condemn unreservedly the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  We call for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine and for a ceasefire.

We salute the courage of anti-war demonstrators in Russia and call for their release from prison and dropping of any charges against them.

We join with those calling for an immediate end to the conflict.  We oppose moves by any governments and parties, including NATO, to escalate this war.  The current situation poses the danger of a much wider conflict.  This threatens a war of inter-imperialist competition in which working people have no interest.

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  1. So you oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine but you also oppose supplying Ukraine with the means to resist it. Calling for a general ceasefire when one country is invading another is worse than appeasement. Sickening.

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