Stop deaths in custody – Justice for refugees

Public Meeting – Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus

Thursday 4 March – 5.00pm – 6.30pm – Dydd Iau 4 Mawrth

In early January Mohamud Hassan was arrested by South Wales police in Cardiff, and died the following day after being released with no charges. The family of Mohamud are asking why did he die and why did he have so many injuries after his release. 

It is shocking that another man has died in Wales in this month – February.  Mouyied Bashir was restrained by the police and died in his home. Why do so many people die in police custody or after recent contact with the police, and how can communities get justice? 

Justice for refugees at Penally camp in Wales

instead of sanctuary, refugees have had to live in overcrowded cold conditions and in constant danger of catching Covid 19. Why did the Home Office house hundreds of refugees in a military training camp that does not meet basic human needs of the refugees?

We will be joined by activists in the community and trade union reps to discuss how we can come together unite and fight back against injustice.


  • Hilary Brown campaigning lawyer for Mohamud Hassan’s family
  • Cardiff BLM
  • Cardiff University BME student reps
  • Cardiff SUTR
  • Penally refugee rep
  • Shavanah Taj General Secretary for Wales Cymru TUC
  • Vicky Blake President UCU
  • Amarjite Singh CWU Branch Secretary Wales Cymru
  • Equality reps UCU Wales Cymru

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