Stop the shameful employment practices in Coventry University’s subsidiary company – sign UCU petition now!



UCU Left is asking everyone to sign and circulate throughout their branches this petition against the shameful actions of CU Services Ltd, Coventry University’s subsidiary company.

From UCU website: “Vulnerable and precarious staff teaching Pre and In-Sessional English at CU Services won an inspirational campaign for union recognition earlier in September. A campaign they should never have had to fight because it is shameful that Coventry University, the sole shareholder of its subsidiaries, refuses to promote union recognition voluntarily. These staff won their campaign in spectacular fashion, voting 100% on a 73% turnout in a secret ballot organised by the CAC.

The response from CU Services is a disgrace to the sector. The company dismissed its temporary staff and said that if they wished to carry on working, they had to sign up to be agency workers at TheFutureWorks, a recruitment agency wholly owned by Coventry University. They are now agency workers, outside the bargaining group covered by the recognition they have just won. This is straight out of the Mike Ashley school of running a business and brings shame Coventry and the wider university sector.

UCU is working closely with the Region and branch in a planned campaign to make sure that Coventry do not get away with this and to win these workers their rights. This petition is an important part of the plan, designed to raise the sector’s awareness and put pressure on the board. But there will be more actions to come.”

Please circulate this petition in your branches and ensure that everyone knows what Coventry University is doing.

Link to Guardian article “Think only low–paid workers get the Sports Direct treatment? You’re wrong.” by Aditya Chakrabortty

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