Thank you, from Nita – newly-elected UCU Vice President

Nita balloon picThe result on Tuesday has been humbling, exciting and extraordinary; being voted in as UCU Vice President is an honour in itself, but what is more exceptional is how I got here.  I don’t want this to sound like a speech at the Oscars, but without the help and support of UCU Left and many others I would not be here today.  You all know who you are and I applaud every single one of you… then of course there are all of those that used their democratic vote to make me their next Vice President…I thank you.  This is what our union is about, democracy, equality for one and all, ultimately activism.  We are currently in a perfect storm of political and union activity, unprecedented by many accounts, we have grown exponentially, and we continue to do so since we started to mobilise and become a union that works for its members…doing and not paying lip service to unionism.  As the momentum gathers with discussion between UUK and UCU, we continue to show our strength in the numbers of pickets and support from all directions.  FE is also flexing its authority, and has completed its first phase of strike action with planning taking place for the second phase.  We are growing in numbers as well as in strength, and we will continue to do so…together, collaboratively and in solidarity.

Nita Sanghera

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