UCU Elections 2024

Election runs from 25 January to 1 MarchWhy you should vote for UCU Left candidates

UCU Left is a large group of leading rank-and-file activists, officers and reps who are committed to making UCU both more effective and more democratic.

The sectors we work in are under attack. Further Education has lost a million course places over the last decade. The employers do not implement national agreements. But UCU’s strategy has been to take action branch by branch, employer by employer, with the vast majority of members left out in the cold.

Higher Education vice chancellors are lobbying to increase tuition fees for home students to £12,000 a year. They say that international student recruitment has been subsidizing teaching, and this is projected to fall thanks to the war in Palestine and the ‘hostile environment’. The market system that encouraged universities to splurge over £10bn on campuses after 2014 is now moving from boom to bust in the face of high inflation. The employers took the end of the Marking and Assessment Boycott as a cue to begin a massive offensive on jobs and conditions — and they are lining up for more next year.

Election leaflet (PDF)We need a union leadership that faces up to that offensive. This means organising now at the grass roots, in our branches, building solidarity between branches under attack. But it also means electing leaders who will implement the democratic decisions of Congress and Sector Conference, and not pick and choose the ones they like.

We believe in member-led democracy. Unlike the factions supporting the current General Secretary, UCU Left members see conference decisions as ‘sovereign’ and believe our obligation as elected representatives is to carry them out.

Indeed, we believe that democracy in our union should be even more thoroughgoing, to ensure that when members take part in a strike or decide to boycott marking, they have real control over the future of that strike or MAB, through a directly-elected strike committee elected and recallable by members themselves. This is what happens in the best-organised branches in local strikes, and we should be scaling up this type of direct democracy in all our national disputes.

Meet our candidates

Select a candidate photo below for more information about them.

Saira Weiner Peter Evans Mike Barton

Naina Kent Dharminder Chauhan Saleem Rashid Peta Bulmer Alan Barker Donna Brown Elaine White Matt Perry Josh Moos Richard McEwan Regine Pilling Sean Wallis Richard Wild Roddy Slorach Christina Paine Philip Allsopp Safia Flissi Julie Hearn Lesley Kane

General Secretary – Saira Weiner Vote #1

Saira WeinerSaira says:

I am standing for five principles:

  1. Democracy – to defend the democratic structures of UCU
  2. Control from below – so members have a real say
  3. Strengthen the grassroots – empowering branches to defend members
  4. Transparency and accountability – everyone in office is accountable
  5. Trusting members – I will implement the decisions members make

My websiteMy manifestoMy election leaflet (PDF)

Vice President (from FE) – Peter Evans Vote #1

Peter EvansPeter says:

If elected, my objectives include:

  1. Democracy – support rank and file organising and implement conference decisions
  2. Equality for our 4 nations – bring UCU closer to the nations and level up
  3. Workers’ rights – defend pay, conditions and pensions and the right to strike
  4. Education – resist mergers and course closures, and defend academic freedom
  5. Equality – fight oppression and ensure equality is the heart of our bargaining
  6. Health – Covid is not over, work with our NHS colleagues to defend health
  7. Internationalism – defend LGBTQ+ people around the world, welcome refugees and stand with Palestine

My websiteMy election leaflet (PDF)

UCU Trustee

1Mike Barton
Mike Barton

Ordinary members of the NEC

UK-elected FE

1Naina Kent
Naina Kent
2Dharminder Chauhan
Dharminder Chauhan
3Saleem Rashid
Saleem Rashid

UK-elected HE

1Peta Bulmer
Peta Bulmer
2Saira Weiner
Saira Weiner
3Alan Barker
Alan Barker
4Donna Brown
Donna Brown

North East FE

1Elaine White
Elaine White

North East HE

1Matt Perry
Matt Perry
2Josh Moos
Josh Moos

London and the East FE

1Richard McEwan
Richard McEwan
2Regine Pilling
Regine Pilling

London and the East HE

1Sean Wallis
Sean Wallis
2Richard Wild
Richard Wild
3Roddy Slorach
Roddy Slorach
4Christina Paine
Christina Paine

Wales HE

1Philip Allsopp
Philip Allsopp

Representatives of Women Members FE

1Regine Pilling
Regine Pilling
2Safia Flissi
Safia Flissi

Representatives of Women Members HE

1Julie Hearn
Julie Hearn
2Lesley Kane
Lesley Kane
3Saira Weiner
Saira Weiner
4Christina Paine
Christina Paine

Other candidates

If you have unused preferences after voting for UCU Left candidates, we recommend using them for the following other candidates:

General Secretary: Vicky Blake

HE London and East HE: Dr Rhian Elinor Keyse, Nico Rosetti, Cecilia Wee

UK-elected HE: Grant Buttars, Marian Mayer, Dr Rhian Elinor Keyse, Sam Morecroft, Cecilia Wee

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