UCU Left Conference and AGM, Saturday 10th October. Latest information and speakers

Lee Jones, principal author of the Campaign for the Public University’s response to the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), is to speak at the UCU Left Conference on Saturday. The Tories want to effectively introduce an ‘OFSTED’ for HE despite the disaster this has been for schools and FE colleges. What are they planning, and how do we stop it?

We are also delighted to announce that Laura Schwartz from the successful TeachHigher anti-casualisation campaign at Warwick University will be a speaker.

Other speakers include Liz Lawrence, UCU President, Rob Ferguson on the campaign to oppose Prevent, Lesley Kane on defending the Open University, Mandy Brown on Action for ESOL, Amy Jowett on fighting casualization, and an ex-striker from the victorious National Gallery dispute.

After 100,000 people marched through Manchester on 4th October in a fantastic protest at the Tories’ austerity plans we need to tap into that feeling of hope and anger in our colleges and universities. Jeremy Corbyn’s election – and the victory for National Gallery strikers, which included reinstatement of their rep Candy Udwin – have shifted the mood among millions of workers.

Saturday’s conference is our opportunity to discuss how we make sure our union gears up for the fights ahead and is at the centre of the anti-austerity movement.

UCU Left conference: Education in the front line – how do we fight the austerity agenda?

11-4pm, Saturday 10th October, UCL.

Registration from 10:30am. Pooled fare £12.

Register now here

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