UCU Left Election Candidates

Please find below links to all of the UCU Left candidates standing in the up coming NEC and Vice President elections, these will be updated as the leaflets become available.

Vice President (FE) – Loraine Monk

FE – Nationally Elected

Darren Tolliday

Alan Barker

Paul Pritchard

Margot Hill

FE – North East Regional

Lee Short

Umit Yildiz

FE – Women Members

Rhiannon Lockley

Margot Hill

HE – UK Elected

Lesley McGorrigan

Karen Evans

Andreas Bieler

Carlo Morelli

Paul Blackledge

HE – London and the East

Adrian Budd

Ioanna Ioannou

Sean Wallis

HE – North East

Paul Blackledge

Mike Lamimman

HE – Women Members

Nadia Edmond

Saira Weiner

Sue Abbott


UCU Left Generic Election Leaflet

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  1. Theres a mistake on the web site. Surely Lee Short and umit Yildiz are in the North East Region?

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