UCU Left National Conference 2016 – Save the date – Saturday 24th of September

UCU Left National Conference 2016.

Defend education from the cradle to the grave – a strategy to win.

*Saturday 24th of September 10:30 – 4:30pm – Birkbeck London*

There are huge shifts taking place in British Politics. Cameron has resigned following Brexit. Theresa May has a thin majority and a history of ‘nasty party’ politics. The mass movement opposed to austerity and racism has gained strength from the election of Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour party has grown massively in the last year despite the failed coup. Many of the opposition parties are clearly opposed to austerity. This throws up crisis and opportunity for the left.

Post-16 education is at a crossroads.

The Further and Adult Education has suffered a sustained attack on funding and jobs, and now the biggest restructuring since incorporation with area reviews,  mergers and devolved funding. The mass campaign to defend adult education has put FE on the map.

How do we ensure FE is part of the campaign and we build on last year’s work?

The Higher Education sector faces the entry of the for-profits with the HE Bill and an autumn of strikes following waves of action this summer on gender pay equality and the end of casualisation.

What is the strategy for autumn to defeat the bill, promote a vision of higher education and ensure the industrial strategy is a success?

There are opportunities to unite the movement. On November the 12th UCU/NUS will hold a national demonstration. The NUT has launched a campaign to stop academisation of schools with the potential for united action in the autumn to defend education from the Cradle to the grave.

We want to be at the centre of defending education and active in new alliances that are forming to challenge the market and racism in our society.

We want you to be an active part of our organisation.

Join the UCU Left conference to get involved, discuss and organise.

  • Guest speakers from across the movement.
  • Breakout workshops to organise.
  • Hustings for UCU GS, VP and NEC elections.
  • UCU Left AGM.

Save the date:

Saturday 24th of September.

Birkbeck University.


Nearest Tubes: Euston, or Russell Square.

£5/£2.50 waged/unwaged. We can help cover train fare.

Click here to register and pay.

2 Replies to “UCU Left National Conference 2016 – Save the date – Saturday 24th of September”

  1. I see the agenda includes hustings for forthcoming UCU positions including General Secretary. Is this the process for deciding who this year the UCU left will be promoting and supporting for these position. I am on the UCU Left mailing list but have not seen a call for people to put forward names. Obviously if we are going to seriously put forward a candidate to the left of Sally I hope there would be widespread discussion amongst those on the left to who would be in the strongest position to win, similarly with the VP and NEC elections.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Calling notice has been emailed out along with sign up.

    Thank you


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