UCU Left National Conference

Building the fight back in post-16 education

Flyer online here.

A conference for all UCU activists. Speakers from other unions fighting austerity and from current campaigns.

Sessions on organising action and solidarity in our pay campaigns, campaigning against zero-hours contracts.

There will also be an Annual General Meeting session to elect UCU Left officers a steering committee, and approve nominations for NEC elections.

Book using the form below.

Saturday 9 November,


@ London Metropolitan

University (Tower Building),

166-220 Holloway Road,

London N7 8DB

Call 07877 401867 for details and enquiries

2 Replies to “UCU Left National Conference”

  1. Casual contracts are so widespread in UK higher education – how is anyone supposed to plan their life on so much uncertainty whilst college directors are earning so much and are being awarded bonuses? Higher education institutions are splashing out on lavish paintings that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds whilst people are losing their jobs.

  2. Well done for opening this up to UNISON activists. Our strike day was a great success, but to have a chance of winning this dispute we need a realistic discussion about how we can get our members out on further action within the next month or two.

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