UCU Left Pre-Congress Meeting


No going back: fighting for education in a Covid world – 7pm Tuesday 27 October



On the eve of UCU Congress UCU Left is initiating a debate on how we can defend education in a Covid-19 world.

With infections spiking across the campuses it’s crucial that UCU is at the centre of defending staff and students from the virus and promoting an inclusive vision of education that can respond to the crisis.


We are joined on the panel by:

  • Daniel Kebede NEU Senior Vice President – Daniel has been at the centre of the fight for safer schools in the pandemic and is a key campaigner over the decolonisation of education.
  • Ian Byrne MP – With Liverpool I’m level 3 lockdown Ian has been at the forefront of demanding financial support for workers and communities hit by the crisis.
  • Marion Winters – Heriot-Watt UCU on the upcoming action to defend jobs and how they blasted through the ballot threshold
  • Mattie Shannon, University of Manchester student one of the organisers of the freshers lockdown rent strike that’s currently holding back £300k
  • Alongside Jo McNeil (Liverpool UCU) Mark Abel (Brighton UCU) and Chair Bee Hughes

Register here to join UCU Left’s meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 27 October.

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