UCU NEC elections open Monday 2nd February until Friday 27th.

Amy Jowett (Casually Employed, FE)

Carlo Morelli (Scotland President, UK Elected, HE)

Mandy Brown (UK Elected, FE)

Marion Hersh (UK Elected, HE)

Nina Doran (North West, FE)

Pura Ariza (LGBT, HE)

Rhiannon Lockley (Midlands, FE)

Jo McNeil (North West, HE)

General UCU Left Elections Leaflet

UCU Left recommends the following voting preferences for the following candidates only. We do not recommend a vote for any other candidates.

Scotland President, Carlo Morelli 1

North West Region HE, Jo McNeill 1, Chris Sheehy, 2

North West Region FE, Nina Doran 1

Midlands Region FE, Rhiannon Lockley 1, Allister Mactaggart 2

UK elected FE, Mandy Brown 1

UK elected HE, Marion Hersh 1, Carlo Morelli 2, Jeff Fowler 3, Eleni Michalopoulou 4

LGBT HE, Pura Ariza 1

Casualised Members HE, Vicky Blake 1

Casualised Members FE, Amy Jowett 1

Trustees Alan Whittaker 1, Angie McConnell 2,

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