USS, how much CARE?

On the 31st January UCU will be holding a sector conference for HE branches in the older Universities to determine where we go next in our on-going pensions dispute. Branches may submit two motions and send two delegates to the conference. UCU Left is encouraging all activists in pre-92 Universities to get delegated and pass motions similar to these (link to motions download).

The ongoing USS dispute has a number of facets to the discussion, the most important of which is the shift to a career average (CARE) pension. Lengthy discussion has taken place on the potential impact of this, with numerous opinions on both sides. All the proposals from our employers entail us working longer, paying more and getting less and should be resisted. Attached are two documents and spreadsheets which provide a full analysis based on projected data of the impact of these changes.

These documents outline the detrimental nature of the Career Average (CARE) pension scheme imposed on USS. The documents examine the impact on pensions for those with 40 years’ service, those who have discontinuous service such as fixed term workers, Academic Related staff as well as those who face a delay in gaining promotion.

This is a great resource for activists to use in their branches, as part of the discussions on USS.


Explanatory word document

Spreadsheet outlining the data

Pensions Model Comparisons (this explains the modeller below)

Pensions Modeller


What about the Teachers Pensions Scheme?

Detailed discussion of the TPS dispute can be found here.

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