Vote Labour on 8 June for a progressive and equal post 16 education sector

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Congress motion

The following motion was passed at UCU Congress on Saturday 2
Congress believes:
a Tory win in the 8 June general election will be a disaster for workers and public services.
Congress resolves:
  1. to campaign with a message of defend education, defend workers’ rights, no to austerity, racism and war
  2. to engage our members around this message through all possible means and to take part in campaigning activities on such themes, particularly with Stand Up To Racism
  3. to encourage branches to hold hustings meetings for candidates (except fascists), if possible alongside other unions and student organisations
  4. to take part in marches and protests that highlight our areas of concern during the election period—such as marches against the school funding cuts
  5. while recognising that our union is not affiliated to any political party, to call in this election for a vote for Labour.

Statement in support of voting Labour on 8 June

Post 16 education has been under attack over the past 7 years. From the Tory-led coalition to the Cameron and May governments, funding has been cut, tuition fees raised and the EMA scrapped. We have seen the rolling out of marketisation in higher and further education and the narrowing of the curriculum to a training and skills agenda.  Despite grand announcements of funding being targeted to help 16-24 year olds to find employment there are still 800,000 without work, education or training.

The General election on 8 June will determine if we are to have more of the same or a radical alternative that, if implemented, would transform lives.

Much of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s manifesto is one that we in UCU have campaigned for, debated and passed policy on and fully support. This includes the scrapping of tuition fees for university students and adults, the reinstatement of EMA, the ending of zero hours contracts and, as Angela Rayner has said, the end of ‘the historic neglect of Further Education’. The proposal for a National Education Service is also one that UCU has campaigned for.

Click here to see Labour’s manifesto.

For the first time in a generation we have the opportunity to put a party into government that has committed to policies that will see, as its mission, to make this country a more equal one.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that we call upon UCU members in England to vote Labour on 8 June.

Sean Vernell – UCU NEC and Vice chair UCU Further Education Committee

Terry Murphy – UCU NEC &  Northern Region Chair

Dr Elizabeth Lawrence – past immediate president UCU

Jo McNeill – UCU NEC

Dave Lancaster – UCU NEC

Mandy Brown – UCU NEC & Secretary London Region

Nixon Tod Chair – UNISON FE/6TH Form Colleges Committee

Julie Hearn – UCU NEC

Nina Doran – UCU NEC

Ritchie Bathgate – Chair Gateshead College and UCU national negotiator

Dave Muritu – UCU NEC and Chair of UCU Equality Committee

Sue Abbott – UCU NEC

Bruce Heil – UCU NEC

Elaine Heffernan – UCU NEC (elect)

Laura Miles – UCU Trustee

Margot Hill – UCU NEC

Des Freedman – UCU Goldsmiths University

Christina Paine – UCU NEC (elect)

Lesley Kane

Amy Jowett – UCU NEC

Dawn Livingstone – UCU NEC

Jean Crocker – UCU ACC

Sean Wallis – UCU NEC

Julia Roberts – UCU NEC

Elaine White – UCU NEC

Tom Hickey –  UCU Brighton University

Richard McEwan – national negotiator

(All in personal capacity)

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