Voting advice Four Fights SHESC

Amended for the actual voting form

Here are the voting recommendations for delegates to the Four Fights Special Sector Conference held on Wednesday 20th April.

UCU Left is calling for a vote in favour of motions which propose continuing the fight by taking effective action in the summer term, and against motions which propose delay, pause, regroupment etc. on the grounds that they effectively mean abandoning the fight and inviting further attacks by the employers. This means opposing all the motions welcomed by the General Secretary in her ‘new strategy’ document.

Draft voting recommendations

2AgainstCBC has ruled that if passed, the clearer and more implementable motions 3 & 4 would fall. 
3Forit proposes concrete achievable action this term.
4Forit proposes concrete achievable action this term.
17Againstthe employers are unlikely to agree to arbitration and in any case ACAS would not help us win an acceptable offer.
5Forit proposes an immediate marking boycott backed by strikes.
5 without ii & iv For
6Fora concrete and effective way of backing marking boycott with strikes.
6 without 3 & 4 For
7Forproposes marking boycott and strikes this term.
8Forproposes a marking boycott this term.
9Againstweaker than other motions because it talks only of ‘moving towards’ a marking boycott and doesn’t mention strikes. 
10Fora marking boycott controlled by members through BDMs and supported financially by other branches & members.
11Againstdemanding a new New JNCHES is a diversion and would change the terms of the dispute.
12Againstthis motion contains no ‘resolves’ and could be used by the GS and her supporters to demobilise the dispute.
13Forcalls for the union to be in a position to take industrial action over the 2022-23 claim at the beginning of the academic year.
14Againstan aggregated ballot would likely kill the dispute dead in current circumstances.
without ii 
15Forcalls for action during induction in the autumn.
16 RemitAgainst
16Againstproposes ‘mapping’, ‘exploration’ and ‘engagement’ instead of action.
18Againstsimilar to 16, proposes alternatives to action, plus an aggregated ballot.
19Againstalthough there are good things about this motion, there are problems with the wording and it should be opposed in favour of 21.
20Againststrikes out of term-time will undermine unity in a UK-wide dispute like Four Fights. 
21Forcalls for more coordination on strike dates with branches.
23Forargues for the two disputes to remain coupled.
24Againstthere would likely have been no Four Fights if we had balloted on an aggregated basis.

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