Warning from France: How do we defeat the far right?

Thursday 11th July 6.30pm on Zoom
Register here: https://rb.gy/ta54h8 

Yesterday in France, Marine Le Pen’s fascist party were beaten back into third place. This is brilliant news, and millions will be relieved. However, the fascist RN still gained 142 seats (up from 88 seats), which is a warning for all anti-racists and anti-fascists.  

In the UK, Reform gained over 4 million votes. Nigel Farage and 4 other Reform UK candidates are now MPs. They are a racist party that seeks to divide people and whip up racism, homophobia and transphobia. 

The fascist Tommy Robinson plans to march in central London on the 27th July, with thousands of racists, football hooligans and neo-nazis. Racism and fascism are a serious threat to society: an attack on equality, academic freedom, democracy and trade union rights. 

Therefore, it is imperative that the whole trade union movement and wider anti-racist movement come together in unity to oppose the growth of fascist forces in Britain. We have a long, successful anti-fascist and anti-racist movement in the UK that has prevented the fascists building before. We must now come together to do this again. 

Speakers (TBC)
– Eyewitness from France, a French trade unionist 
– Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism speaker 
– Maria Chondrogianni, UCU President-Elect

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